Диджитал контент
для инстграм сторис Avito
Предложение от анимационной студии Prand
Мы заметили, что в последнее социальные сети Avito активно
продвигаются с помощью диджитал контента.
В особенности это касается Инстаграм аккаунта Avito,
а также главной страницы на сайте.
Однако также мы заметили, что стиль 3д контента довольно разный, не
We need to show stories of confident, ambitious girls on the way to achieve their goals.
They are focused, direct, spirited. They don't want to lose their confidence because of the period.
Nothing can stop them.
New Kotex products were designed to give these girls confidence and comfort
So they can stay focused on what they can.
Period or not.
*This sketch was drawn only to amplify mood.
Not to regard as style reference.
We studied Kotex logo and branding and noticed that they are built on the balance
of sharp corners and soft lines.
Usually rounded shapes are associated with something feminine and soft.
While sharp ones - with something brutal and strong. We don't want to follow this stereotype.
So we built our style on the balance of soft and sharp shapes making our characters more unique.
This balance of shapes is represented not only in characters' bodies but in their poses too.
*Not to regard color scheme in provided style references
When we studied the illustration client had used before, we highlighted the main characteristics of them: big plain color fills, simplified faces, more realistic features, sharp shadows.
Combining the idea of shapes balance with the former Kotex illustration style
we came up with this concept:
*Not to regard color scheme in provided style references
On this sketch you can see simplified and less stylized faces, big color fills.
Characters' body constitution include soft and sharp shapes also represented in characters' poses.
We added colorful parts and patterns to add more aggressive energetic look.
We also reduced details to make the illustration easier to animate.

We suggest drawing illustrations in vector with no texture brushes which will make it possible
to scale them for OOH if necessary.
*Exemplary image. Not final OOH illustration.
We can also offer 3 different approaches to the character design.
All three include the ideas described above:

1. Saving one color fills and more realistic constitution from client's reference, we can add personality to our characters by making more detailed and stylized faces.
2. We can also make characters less detailed saving color fills but expressing scenes mood through colorful abstract backgrounds.

3. We can add more stylized features and less realistic body constitution to clients style to achieve more dynamic and young mood and make characters easier for animation.
The Kotex color scheme will be used.
We suggest two color schemes: dark and cold scheme for negative problematic part of the story
and bright warm scheme for a positive one.
Our heroines are common girls. Every day they run into difficulties but it can't stop them. They continue their way to achieve their goals. We tell the stories of several girls - scientist, sportswoman, writer, poetess. Each one of these girls is unique, as are their stories.
But they all have something in common - they all have a determination to achieve.
*These sketches were drawn only to amplify mood.
Not to regard as style reference.
Product Demo
The product demo should be illustrated but have the same form as a real product and be easily recognized. We suggest making the pad filled with white color and give it a little simplified shape. But add real texture to it to make an accent on the product and give it more realistic feel. Yet using this collage style instead of 3d will let us keep the pad in stylistics of the whole video.
The central composition will be used to make a maximal accent on the product. We decided to take inspiration from beauty product demos since they translate the same idea of something delicate, comfortable and natural that we want to put in Kotex product demo.

Adding colorful elements to separate the product from the background and add color accents to the demo. The color used in demos will be the same colors presented on the packs of pads.
We suggest using background elements that translate main characteristics of the product. For example, flowers can be used for clinique range. Constellations for overnight, etc.

*The style of background elements will be the same as general style of the video. Not to regard style in the images above.
As we are using real packs for packshot and those should be easy to change for all the markets we suggest adding on the background some same elements as in product demo. This will let us keep in the packshot stylistic of the illustrated part of the video and will separate packs from the background.
But these elements won't influence the template for other markets.
*The style of background elements will be the same as general style of the video. Not to regard style in the images above.
In this project we suggest using frame-by-frame animation.
This type of animation has more expressive power and enables us to create more complex movements, dynamic scenes, interesting transitions, unusual camera angles.
The idea of the balance between sharp and soft shapes will also be represented
by the animation tempo. Harsh, abrupt tempo of movements will be balanced
by smooth slow moments, pauses and liquid transitions.
Key poses will also support the shapes balance idea by using negative space
and body curves to create sharp or soft accents.
*Harsh, abrupt timing of animation, expressive key poses,
clear accents, balance of soft and sharp shapes.
*These images are animation references. Not to regard their style.
Animation process
The process of frame-by-frame animation includes three steps:
First an animator draws rough animation thinking about key poses and movement trajectory.
Secondly the animator edits the volume, adds small details and creates smooth lines.
On the last stage shadows and colours are added.
1. Rough animation
2. Clean lines
3. Colouring
*These gifs from our other project just to show the process.
Not to regard their style.
Thank you!
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