Gleb Andryushin

Art Director
Gleb is the youngest but one of the most talented members of our team. He is an excellent animator himself and knows how to lead a team to the best result.
Gleb can easily crack the most complex problem on a project and we can't imagine our studio without him.
His strong side is projects with complex animation, dimensions, fx and tech design.
This project was about an invention in the field of synthetic biology which allowed to exponentially increase the amount of experiments being deployed simultaneously.
The complexity of this task was to illustrate this complex idea in a very abstract style.
This project is about a new subscription service which allows to get anything your car will ever need all in one app. It was decided to use minimalistic style combining 2d shapes and simple 3d objects.
This project is about an anti-bullying program which battles the indifference of those who witness bullying.
Gleb created abstract emotional graphics to convey the message.
Yandex Championship
Small intro created for the Coding Championship. Some glitching effects and code lines support the theme and colours represent the creator of this championship - the Yandex company.
Sber Year Results
Sberbank is the most popular bank in Russia and has its offices everywhere across the country. We were asked to make a video about the results that their offices achieved in a year. The video was made in cut-out style with primary colours being the colours of the client.
Thank you!