A series of videos «Our All»
Client: Yandex
The producers at Yandex created the section, which called «Our All». There they tell about interesting events and people associated with Russia.

Our studio prepared animation for these projects.
«Our All»: Moscow high-rises
There we told about the history of appearance of Moscow high-rises, as well as about their features and problems that architects and builders encountered during design and construction.

It is interesting that at the moment video watched over 1,000,000 times
«Our All»: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
In honor of the 160th anniversary of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, we prepared a video about his life and major achievements, as well as the problems with which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky encountered on his way a scientist.

At the moment, the video watched almost 800,000 times
«Our All»: Sergey Ozhegov
Sergey Ozhegov is a Russian linguist who has compiled the most popular explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. In the video we told how Sergey Ozhegov came to the creation of his famous dictionary.

Video about Sergey Ozhegov collected more than 300,000 views.
«Our All»: Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Pavlov is an outstanding Russian physiologist, author of classic works on the physiology of digestion and the creator of the theory of higher nervous activity.

The video about Ivan Pavlov has already been watched almost 400,000 times.
Stas Fedosov / Andrey Nesterov

Stas Fedosov
Sasha Pototsky / Stepan Hristoforov / Andrey Chaushesku / Ilya Isaenko / Andrey Nesterov
Tanya Malova