In the video, employees are presented as different shapes. When the voice talks about the main character Sarah or her colleagues, the shapes transform into simple characters. In the course of the video, Sarah's pod solves the problem of opening the door and creates a key (the key is the main element of the UBS logo).
Here is the link to the storyboard
Based on the storyboard, we made a boardomatic. It's an animated storyboard with draft VO. We create it to visualise a narrative concept and to show timings of the video.
Since there is a main character Sarah in the video, we suggest to transform her figure (the red sphere) into a simplified character (it consists of primitives) and back into a sphere, and transform other characters as well, when the voice (for example, the product owner) speaks about them. Each character can have its own color and texture.
This way it will be easier for the viewer to interact with the characters and get involved in the story.
If you choose this design we will keep remain it in other videos
Examples of illustrations on a white background
Examples of illustrations on a different background
Line elements and textures
It would be great to use thin handwritten lines and signatures to create a whiteboard effect and hand-drawn animation. We can also use different textures for shadows and characters.
Animation references
Thanks for watching!